FullSizeRenderWelcome to Parent Child Experts, the destination for parents, school administrators or any adult seeking advice concerning relationships with young adults. We have developed this site as a “one stop” shop for all things child behavior related, whether you’re a parent’s group, teacher or administrator.

What Parent Child Experts can do to help you navigate healthy child relationships

Visitors to our site will have access to a panel of Parent Child Experts who each have a minimum of 15 years experience in the clinical social work field. We’re trained to address the many challenges faced by adults working or living with children and teens.

Parent Child Experts answers the questions that may keep you up at night when it comes to relating with your kids; we provide extensive information on understanding child development and behavior, enhancing parenting skills, understanding how family origin issues impact current, intimate and ongoing parent/child relationships, and we also serve as a resource for products, services and information needed by parents.

Our mission is to bring families closer together using our shared knowledge and experience navigating parent/child relationships, common issues, and how to open the lines of communication so healthy relationships can replace past misgivings.

The Parent Child Experts team experience

Parent Child Experts is formed from a group of highly experienced and skilled speakers who are available to serve as the keynote speaker, master/mistress of ceremonies or workshop leader at conferences and seminars. Our speakers are experts in the areas of Attachment and Bonding, Anger Management/Affect Regulation, Behavior Management, Child Development, Cultural Diversity, Mental Health Challenges, Substance Use and Abuse, Gangs and Family Violence, Human Sexuality, Parenting, Personality, Divorce/Blended Families, Foster Care and Adoption, and other related topics. Parent Child Experts can also develop curriculum specific to the needs of your group or organization.

Welcome to Parent Child Experts. Thank you for visiting our site, we encourage you to ask questions and contact us so we can get a better understanding of your group or family dynamic needs. We look forward to serving you and meeting your parenting needs.